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Testimonial Zoe

“I really love it and feel so much better afterwards.” … Zoe Ball after receiving reflexology treatments from Sara Proudfoot.



Testimonial Norman

“Thanks Sara I slept like a log” … Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim) after not sleeping for a week – and receiving aromatherapy full body massage followed by reflexology from Sara Proudfoot.





For 17 years Sara Proudfoot MA MAR CNHC AAPA RPA has worked with people who have health issues whether chronic or acute and offers natural healing treatments to uplift your spirits and restore balance.

Sara’s Health and Beauty Clinic, PROUDFOOT Holistic Health & Beauty, is based in the seaside town centre of Worthing, West Sussex close to Goring, Findon, Salvington, Littlehampton, Steyning and Brighton. Sara offers a wide range of holistic treatments for natural beauty and drug free therapy without unpleasant side effects including:

Sara’s clinic does not compete with commercial enterprises. Sara prides herself on being the exact opposite. Here you will find a relaxing, calm and peaceful atmosphere, where you can unwind and update Sara on your health or what’s happening in your life. Enough time is given for you to disrobe and settle on the treatment bed. After a massage or a deluxe facial, Sara usually leaves you alone in the room relaxing on the treatment bed where you can stay for a while until you are ready to get up and dress (unless you are pregnant and then Sara stays in the room to ensure you are safely off the bed to dress in your own time). After a reflexology treatment Sara leaves you to rest for a while, while she writes up her notes and discusses her findings with you thoroughly before you leave the treatment bed.

Sara offers her clients a truly holistic approach, looking to restore balance and harmony to their mind (thoughts, emotions), body (physical body, aches, pain, tension) and soul (psyche, connection with self), and complements this with a range of disciplines including organic essential oils, colour therapy, kinesiology, crystals, trans-cadence, nutritional/vitamin advice and spiritual healing, plus you get a FREE One To One Consultation on your first visit.

Sara has experience in treating clients during Pregnancy (all 3 trimesters including overdue) and suffering from Cancer, Fertility/IVF, MS, Stress, Anxiety and Sports Injuries. Of course, Sara also treats clients with many other ailments and disorders and those looking to rebalance or simply wishing the pleasure of pampering themselves or their loved ones. Please note that holistic treatments do not treat the disease or the complaint directly, they act as complementary treatments to assist in alleviating the symptoms or side affects by seeking to restore homoeostasis (balance) to all the body’s systems. Over the years, Sara has treated a variety of private clients in Sussex and London including local celebrities Peter Owen Jones, Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim.

Following the philosophy ‘you are what you eat’ Sara believes it is important to maintain an alkaline body where disease and cancer cannot thrive and this can be achieved by eating foods which are chemical/hormone/sugar/plastic free (our oceans are now full of microbeads used in many face creams and beauty products and fish cannot help eating these), juicing vegetables and fruit, smoothies and a plant based diet wherever possible.  However, we often forget that our skin is the largest organ in the body and it is important to understand that everything we put on our skin (deodorants, creams, shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, nail polish etc.) will be assimilated through the nails and skin into the blood stream and circulate throughout the body – and many products sold on the market today including those marked ‘Natural’ are often full of toxic chemicals like Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphates etc. which are harmful to our health and can be carcinogenic (cancer forming), affect fertility and more.  Over the years these chemicals build up in the body and can manifest as disease.

With that in mind Sara has started developing her own range of natural, chemical free products most of which are also organic, vegan, animal and halal friendly. Sara’s ME Range includes natural shower gels, organic healing body oils, natural protective face cream, organic nourishing face elixir and organic mouth wash.

Sara recently launched a new range of Organic and Natural Mother and Baby products which are safe for babies, children and pregnant women during and after pregnancy.

Sara also offers a new range of Colour ME Light Essences which are available in 10ml coloured glass bottles, each bottle representing one of the nine chakra colours and made up with pure spa water infused with aromatherapy oils, crystals, platonic solids, Bioptron colour light, natural colour candles, colour scarves, intention, intention, nature energy and spiritual energy.  With just a few sprays, these powerful colour essences can help bring balance, energy, transformation etc. to your life and any challenges you may be facing.

Also you can now Colour Your Nails Healthy with Sara’s exciting new manicures and pedicures, using Nailberry’s nail polish and treatments which are 5 Free of Chemicals, Breathable, UV Protective, Gluten Free and Animal/Vegan/Halaal Friendly.  Nailberry is based in London and offers a fantastic range of stylish colours which look great and last approximately 4 weeks.  How wonderful that you can now give your body a rest from those toxic chemicals and choose the healthy chemical free option with Nailberry.

Whether coming for a massage, a facial, a pedicure or a therapeutic treatment, you will leave feeling rejuvenated, energised and happy.

Gift Vouchers make a fantastic gift and can be purchased online by Paypal or BACs and sent to you by email or post.

Why not try one of Sara’s popular Spa Days for mums-to-be, brides-to-be or for that special birthday treat, mother’s day gift or for that special person in your life.  All Spa Days have 2 or more pampering treatments and include a FREE Set lunch with tea/coffee at a Restaurant soon TBC. NB: Spa Days are currently suspended until Sara Proudfoot finds a good restaurant in Worthing to affiliate with.

NEW Colour & Light Therapy

Colour is everywhere, we see it, we eat it, we wear it and we even breathe it, but do we know how to harness its powerful vibration to support us in our daily lives?  At PROUDFOOT Holistic Health, we offer practical and technical information to help you to get to know the psychological and healing effects of how to introduce colour into our everyday world.

Colour & Light Therapy Treatments 

Know Your Colour Personality FREE 

Colour Personality Readings 

Colour ME Light Essences

Stacey on Rose Face Oil

Sara's Glamour ME Deluxe Rose Facial Elixir proves a success on hairdresser and salon owner, Stacey's holiday ... Stacey took her new bottle of Glamour ME Deluxe Rose Facial Elixir on holiday with her in March 2018. Her friend Julie from Crowborough had sore eyes from...

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Deluxe Pedi Detox Spa £60.00

We are now using the Beurer FootSpa with Magnetic Field Therapy to draw out toxins from your body.  So while your feet are luxuriating in aromatherapy bubbles and freshly picked lavender, rosemary and rose petals, your body can rebalance as the unwanted toxins are...

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Minty ME Mouth Wash £4.99

Minty ME Organic Mouth Wash 100ml £4.99 Fabulous new mouth wash with Organic Essential Oils of Frankincense Serrata to kill the germs and Peppermint to leave your mouth feeling minty fresh blended in 100% Natural Spring Water.  No more toxic chemicals just 100%...

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Sara Proudfoot is a member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR) recognised by the CNHC.

Sara Proudfoot is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) as a reflexologist and as an aromatherapist and as such can offer clients the opportunity of re-imbursement for their treatments through their Health Insurance Companies if they recognise the CNHC.  The CNHC is recognised by the NHS, approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA).  The PSA is accountable to Parliament and has advised government that CNHC registrants have an important role to play in improving the health and wellbeing of the nation.  The public and those who commission the services of complementary healthcare practitioners can choose with confidence, by looking for the CNHC quality mark.  Sara trained at Essential Care Training College, London under the excellent tutelage of the Principal, Joyce West.  Sara received a Diploma in Reflexology (with Credit), accredited by the Reflexology Practitioners Association (RPA) and Diploma in Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapy accredited by the Aromatherapy and Allied Practitioners Association (AAPA).  Joyce West has long since retired so the AAPA and RPA are no longer active and have morphed into the Complementary Health Professionals.

Sara Proudfoot is a member of The Colour Ministry and has just qualified under the amazing Alison Standish in July 2018 with a Diploma in Holistic Light And Colour Therapy enabling Sara to give Colour & Light Therapy Treatments to benefit health and well being using colour, light, essence, dowsing and energy.  Discover your Colour Personality FREE and understand yourself and your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues by booking a Colour Personality Reading with Sara now.  We also offer a new range of Colour ME Light Vibrational Essences – choose from one of the 9 Chakra Colours or buy the complete set of 9 and get one FREE ~ with one quick spray or dab onto your wrists or neck you can re-balance your Mind, Body and Soul.

How Fertility Reflexology helped Vicki become pregnant …

Vicki came to see Sara Proudfoot after two miscarriages and was very keen to still become pregnant naturally. Vicki had done a lot of her own research already into the possible causes for her miscarriages and was having tests done to check her hormone levels during menstruation with her GP. After explaining how stress can play a factor in blocking the reproductive system for men and women, initially Vicki and her husband both started reflexology treatments. But soon it became very clear that her husband was relaxed and easy going and managed stress well, so he only needed to come for a few treatments. Once Vicki had the results from her blood test we both researched the various natural herbal tinctures and creams that could assist her in maintaining the correct hormonal balance for pregnancy. Vicki became pregnant naturally after 3 months of fortnightly reflexology treatments. Both Vicki and her husband were over the moon but as Vicki explained getting pregnant seemed easy enough for her but maintaining it was the challenge. Keen to keep her body balanced and at peak performance to maintain this pregnancy, Vicki continued having reflexology in the first trimester of her pregnancy. Vicki and her husband are now proud parents of beautiful baby Leia born in 2016 … and in 2017 Vicki gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy.

In Vicki’s own words …

“Sara is a very gifted reflexologist. I know this because I have been having reflexology for 20 years. Hand on heart she is one of the best.” – Peter Owen Jones, Author, BBC Presenter and Vicar of Firle